Pips And Peeps
Foundation Stock
We currently have seven breeding pens set up for specific color variety matings and  two extra being used to house the juvenile birds.

Our first pen consists of a black cock  bird over blue and black hens. 

The second consists of a blue cock bird over blue and splash hens.  

The third pen is of the new lavender variety.  I am working on improving size, feather quality and egg color.  Single combs still pop up from time to time in this pen.

The fourth pen is the buffs.  I have a new cock bird from Gary Ramey's line which carries excellent egg color genes.  I have hatched some pullets from this mating, but they have yet to lay, so I have no idea what the egg color is on this cross. 

The fifth pen is the wheaten and blue wheatens.  This pen has some of the best egg color and I have worked on getting clean hackles on my males.

The sixth pen is of  my white birds.  I am working on removing the barring gene from these birds as it has led to decreased skin pigmentation.  

The seventh pen is the silvers.  I made a cross out to my black stock in fall of 2009 and have already bred back to silver for the second generation.  I have already hatched chicks that are almost correct in down color, but will still need more work and backcrossing.  If you are interested in helping improve this variety please let me know as I can forward chicks and eggs at a reduced price to anyone who will continue to work on this line.

My current projects include the lavender color and working on improving the silver duckwing variety.  I already have silver to black cross pullets and cockerels in a special pen.  My second generation of pullets are almost ready to start laying and my third generation on this project will soon be hatching.

I have also started breeding a black cock bird to a lace patterned gene bird with UK background to improve the original blue lines.  This will probably take several years to perfect as this will throw off the egg color severely in this line.

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