Pips And Peeps
Sebastopol Geese

In 2007 I purchased my first Sebastopol Geese from Metzer Farms in California.  I enjoyed raising them and have since sought out better quality birds and started a breeding program to breed these beautiful birds to standard.  
I now have several breeding pairs of geese and they have been doing very well at shows.  My old hen has placed very high several times, even winning Champion Waterfowl and Reserve Bird of Show recently.  
I am expecting a new gander from Audrey Overton this fall since the last gander purchased did not work out.  Also joining the flock is a little gander hatched from Eric Kutch's flock I have lovingly named "Richard". 

I hope to hatch some excellent quality goslings next spring with the correct body type and head shape; which will be my main focus when raising my next generation.

At this time I have a couple birds available for sale.   I plan to reduce the flock to only the very best birds.

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